??????? To carry out healthy and upward corporate culture construction is an effective means to comprehensively improve the quality of employees. The rich and colorful cultural life of the staff has cultivated the staff sentiment and carried forward the enterprise spirit. The precipitation of corporate culture over the years has strengthened the cohesion of the enterprise, created a dedicated team of "diligence, frugality, truth-seeking, innovation and attack", and demonstrated the era style of the enterprise keeping pace with the times.

Panorama of production area of Hubei blue sky Salt Chemical Co., Ltd

Blue sky salt chemical office building

Company reception center conference room

Reception Center Restaurant

Blue sky garden

Greening and beautifying the living area

Comfortable and tidy residential quarters for employees

Qinfang garden with green trees and flowers

Shengfangyuan in Jiangnan garden style (1)

Shengfangyuan in Jiangnan garden style (2)

Bright and colorful The position of Dance hall

Billiards hall of union club

Union club staff Gymnasium

"Ode to salt" workers' painting and calligraphy exhibition held by the enterprise opened in Wuhan Art Museum

Famous comedian Zhao Benshan led Liaoning Tieling Art Troupe to perform

Zhou Shaohua, a famous contemporary painter and former chairman of Hubei Federation of literary and art circles, came to teach

Tang Wenxuan, a famous contemporary painter, came to teach calligraphy and painting knowledge

Blue sky group songs express feelings

The dance "a good start" won the first prize of literature and art performance of salt industry system in Hubei Province

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