Brief introduction of Hubei Guangyan blue sky Salt Chemical Co., Ltd

? ? Hubei Guangyan Lantian Salt Chemical Co., Ltd The company was originally the 9510 factory of PLA (air force 1114 factory), which was established in May 1971. It is a national salt production and wholesale designated enterprise, a famous enterprise in Hubei Province, a civilized unit in Hubei Province, and a contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise in Hubei Province. At the end of 1998, it was transferred from the army to Hubei Salt Industry Group Co., Ltd. (formerly Hubei salt general company) in 2000, and changed to mixed salt in August 2015 Hubei Guangyan blue sky Salt Chemical Co., Ltd.

? ? The company owns 118495.5 square meters of transferred land and 19795.9 square meters of land allocated. Now it has two sets of vacuum salt making systems with an annual output of 550000 tons and 350000 tons, an annual production capacity of 900000 tons of raw salt, two 6000kW generating units and 200000 tons of automatic small packaging production line, a dedicated railway line, and the mining right of mineral resources (more than 80 million tons of exploitable industrial reserves) within 3.2 square kilometers There are more than 300 registered employees.

In 2015, the company sought strategic partners in various ways, and introduced Guangdong Salt Group Company and Xindu Chemical Group Co., Ltd. with capital, technology and market to participate in the capital increase. Guangdong Salt Group Company is a state-owned enterprise with mature sales channels and a large salt Market (1.2 million tons per year). Xindu chemical is a private enterprise growing up in Hubei Province and has the ability to develop new products Power, market operation ability and advanced management mode. In August 2015, on the basis of audit and asset evaluation, through capital increase and share expansion, the company carried out equity diversification reform in accordance with laws and regulations, forming a mixed ownership enterprise with state-owned holding, strategic investors holding shares, technical backbone and management participating. After the reform, the ownership structure of the company is as follows: Hubei Salt Industry Group Co., Ltd. holds 43%, Guangdong Salt Industry Group Co., Ltd. holds 43%, Xindu Chemical Co., Ltd. holds 8%, and company management and technical backbones hold 6%.

Through this reform, the company has realized the separation of the main and auxiliary parts, streamlining the organization and diverting personnel, optimizing the quality of assets, vitalizing human resources and improving labor efficiency. The number of employees in the enterprise has been reduced from 730 to more than 300. Five posts, including logistics, warehousing and packaging, logistics and maintenance, have been stripped off, and the reform of various systems within the enterprise has been deepened We have adjusted the cadre team, adjusted the functional organization, and carried out bidding and contracting for auxiliary production posts, and strengthened the management of human resources and labor distribution We have revised and improved the labor discipline and holiday management system, improved the contract assessment model, and gradually formed the concept of pay according to performance and efficiency.

The new corporate governance system has been established, and the corporate governance has been strengthened through the reform and innovation of the corporate structure. The production cost of the enterprise decreased from 190 yuan / ton before the reform to 170 yuan / ton, and the monthly output increased from less than 70000 tons to 75000 tons. The profit target of 6.26 million yuan was achieved in four months after the reform.

At present, the company is still in the stage of structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading, and its production and operation has stepped into a virtuous cycle. It will strengthen and strengthen the enterprise through the release of existing production capacity, investment and development of new products, so as to improve economic benefits and safeguard shareholders' rights and interests.

Corporate culture

Blue sky salt chemical company has gone through 45 years of entrepreneurial road. 45 years of hard work, 45 years of hard work, 45 years of precipitation and accumulation, cast the excellent quality and rich connotation of "blue sky" brand.

"Diligence, frugality, innovation, attack" is our enterprise spirit.

We regard the quality of our business as our parents.

"Workers working in three shifts and meeting leaders in shifts" is our management philosophy.

"Blue sky TRICRYSTAL, innovation and refinement" is our pursuit, but also our commitment

Aerial view of Hubei Guangyan Lantian Salt Chemical Co., Ltd

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