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Hubei Guangyan Lantian Salt Chemical Co., Ltd. was the first to obtain food production license in salt production enterprises of the whole province

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Hubei Guangyan blue sky Salt Chemical Co., Ltd
Take the lead in obtaining food production license

? ? On May 22, Hubei Guangyan blue sky Salt Chemical Co., Ltd. successfully passed the on-site inspection of food production license by the inspection team of Hubei provincial market supervision and Administration Bureau, and took the lead in obtaining the "food production license" of salt production enterprise. This is the first "food production license" issued by Hubei Province to the designated salt production enterprises in Hubei Province since the implementation of the new version of the measures for the administration of food production license issued by the State Administration of market supervision.

? ? Hubei Guangyan Lantian Salt Chemical Co., Ltd. is a national designated edible salt manufacturer and AAA grade salt wholesale enterprise. All along, the company adheres to the business philosophy of "blue sky integrity, innovation and refinement", takes ensuring the safe production and supply of salt as its own responsibility, and is committed to creating "blue sky three crystal" brand high-end salt, high-quality salt and green salt, so that people can eat less salt and eat better salt, continuously improve the quality management level, continuously enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and build a salt safety and quality traceability system, It has passed the certification of quality management system, hazard and key point control system and green food system.
The issue of "food production license" marks that the company has taken the lead in reaching the new industrial regulations of licensed production and standardized management, and will further promote the company's technological innovation, management innovation and service innovation, so as to further enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise.

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