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Practice the responsibility of state-owned enterprises to help targeted poverty alleviation

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Practice the responsibility of state owned enterprises ? Help targeted poverty alleviation

?? In order to respond to the call of the CPC Central Committee for targeted poverty alleviation, practice the social responsibility of state-owned enterprises, and give full play to the role of the Communist Youth League in uniting young people's strength and helping targeted poverty alleviation, seven month fifteen The Youth League Committee of blue sky company led the youth representatives of blue sky company to express sympathy to the poor people in sanlimiao village.

Under the leadership of Gepu town and sanlimiao village committee cadres, the Youth League members of blue sky company visited the poor villagers and brought them rice, oil, salt and other living materials. Together with town and village cadres, they guided them to strengthen their courage to overcome difficulties, and said that they would give the villagers intellectual support and material help in the next step.

Through this consolation activity, the Youth League members are deeply educated and moved, and they will be more involved in the production and operation of the company with a heart of gratitude.

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