Hubei Guangyan Lantian Salt Chemical Co., Ltd

Hubei Guangyan blue sky Salt Chemical Co., Ltd. organized youth league members to carry out outdoor activities

09-09:16, 2019:

Youth League members organized by Hubei Guangyan blue sky Salt Chemical Co., Ltd Carry out outdoor activities

September seven In order to strengthen the youth team construction of the company, enrich the amateur cultural life of the Youth League members, and enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of the company, the Party committee of the company organized some employees to go to Xiaogan Eagle Development Training Center for one day Remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind The theme of outdoor activities.

During the activity, all members were divided into two teams —— The blue hawks and the original heart. Through the reorganization of the team, display the team name, slogan, team song, strengthen everyone's re understanding of the team, and effectively enhance the staff's team awareness and team spirit. After some brainstorming, a loud and clear team song, a loud team slogan and a distinctive team LOGO One by one wonderful show, one by one well-designed development projects inspired everyone's strong interest and enthusiasm for participation, and the members of the two teams participated in it respectively trust 100” Trust Fall Crossing the power grid And so on. With the cooperation of the team members, we have conquered the projects that are impossible to complete. After each project, we shared the joy of success and the passion of challenges, and fully realized the importance of team trust, communication and cooperation, reasonable organization and sincere unity. In the process of the activity, everyone actively participated in the activity, and bravely challenged themselves. The team members cheered each other and encouraged each other to overcome the psychological obstacles. They did not escape or give up. All the team members successfully completed the development projects.



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